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Hi, welcome to my blog..
My name is Akram Hamam, but call me Akie..

I started my entrepreneurial journey at age 15. Since then, I’ve had five companies and a whole bunch of different side-projects or so-called “side-hustles”.ย 

This blog is to share all of my (mostly) failures, things I’ve learnt in the process and the things that I am proud to say I have achieved.

Born of immigrant parents I have learnt many lessons about the differences between the Arab and Dutch cultures. Being raised in a Dutch society while also loving my Arab roots has shown me different perspectives of life, and oftentimes how things can be done in many contrasting ways.

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Nile Cleanup

The Nile Cleanup initiative is a new foundation set to clean up the whole Nile from Egypt to Uganda.ย 

Starting in Egypt in 2023 the goal is to clean the surface from Cairo to Luxor and continue the journey to the Nile Delta in 2024.ย 

Lesson Learned Podcast

(coming soon)
Interviewing entrepreneurs with That One Lesson where they turned their life around.
Learn what made them move and go for it.


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